Libraries as Incubator and Third Spaces, Librarians as Patriot Act Warriors, Thesis-Dreamers and Policy Experts

If I were to name our workshop set, I would give it the name “bunch of  rabble-rousers”. Taken as a group, it would seem that librarians are hacking everything from the Google Privacy Policy to the Patriot Act. It was very fun and reminded me of segments of Quasi-Con both in terms of the “the future of libraries” theme and innovative ideas being thrown around by passionate library folk (shameless plug for our hack library school post). If you know me, you know I love it when librarians get together and talk frankly and proactively and optimistically.

Though exhaustively hot and cramped in the room, we nonetheless soldiered on to great ideas. This is the stuff I really like. I looooooved Esti & Laura‘s talk about introducing patrons to ebook publisher issues. I think they had some really real ways of looking at the problem and some solutions people have thought up. I also like Leigh & Rebecca’s discussion of libraries as “third space” because I thought it led to some interesting look at library space and how to accommodate different types of users with different community needs.

There was also some good old fashioned informative talks. Terence & Sherry’s talk about the Patriot Act was very interesting and also informative (I had no idea that same provision applied to businesses). “Google’s New Privacy Policy: 5 Things You Should Know” from Kelly and Meggan told me more about the Google policy in 20 minutes than weeks of reading the internet by myself. Finally, Ashley & Mary’s workshop – academic writing for college freshmen – was an interesting take on how to introduce the thesis as part of a larger workshop set.

My group, “Ethical Considerations of Libraries as Maker-Spaces/Content-Creation Hubs” went relatively well (though I should test of my URLs before class next time). It was full of experimentation on our part in terms of structure so it was interesting to see how it went. The Pre-Survey helped in identifying the need to explain the ideas, though I think perhaps the idea is still nebulous for some at the end. I think it  would have been perfect if we had had perhaps another 10 minutes for discussion.

Overall, I really liked the one-shot workshop set and process. I enjoyed hearing what people were excited about, their thoughts on interesting professional development subjects, and what sort of ways they found for engaging participants. Definitely some things I’m going to steal!


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I am an aspiring librarian at the University of Michigan.
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4 Responses to Libraries as Incubator and Third Spaces, Librarians as Patriot Act Warriors, Thesis-Dreamers and Policy Experts

  1. Kristin says:

    Sounds like a terrific evening!

  2. I’m so glad you liked our presentation!

    I really admire you guys for taking on such an ambitious topic–introducing people to the concepts of maker spaces and content creation hubs AND linking that to the ways in which libraries are evolving was a great plan. I also really liked the idea of incorporating the ALA code into the discussion (I think I forgot to write this in the feedback), because it framed the question with a set of ideas that have been on everyone’s mind lately.

  3. Laura B says:

    It’s great to get a feel for what was going on in a different group–even 2nd hand, I can see the creative juices flowing within all of the workshops.

  4. melbowen says:

    All of these other workshop sessions sound great! It’s too bad we didn’t have a chance to see some of the workshops presented outside of our group.

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